Flag Football End-of-the-Season Party

After Wildman’s baseball game on Saturday we headed over to Pump It Up for the boys’ last flag football hoorah.  It’s funny how skeptical I was signing the boys up for flag football this summer.  I was unsure of how this sport would suit my kids, the parents seemed overly intense about football at sign-ups, was it too dangerous?

All that skepticism vanished when we got our team assignment and met all of the great parents and boys on our team.  We had a wonderful season full of highs and lows.  We lost our head coach to a several-month job assignment up north but several dads jumped right in to fill the gap.  We may not have made it to the Super Bowl but we still ended the season on a high note with an amazing party.

We made some great friends along the way and learned a few lessons too.

I’m so happy that my boys got to experience flag football with these people.  It was a wonderful season.


Football Sugar Cookies

I spent the better part of today shopping for ingredients for and preparing these sweet little treats for the flag football end-of-the-season party tomorrow morning at Pump It Up.

The cookies are not difficult to make or decorate.  They’re just pretty time consuming.  Luckily, I was able to get most of it done while the boys’ were at school.

I love how they turned out and hope the boys on the team enjoy them!  Even though we did not win our playoff game and, therefore, did not make it to the Super Bowl (which is tonight), I am so proud of the Greenhawks!  They worked so hard all season long and really bonded as a team.  Wildman and Cutie Pie are looking forward to signing up next season.

Spring Break Day 2: Pump It Up

This photo of Cutie Pie reminds me of that Van Halen song… You know, “Jump”.  It’s been stuck in my head all day.

I took the four boys to Pump It Up against my better judgment on Tuesday knowing full well that every mom in Brevard County would be trying to get in there with their 3-8 year-olds…  It was as I expected.

Total chaos.

We arrived 10 minutes early and were the first ones to cross the threshold into the room with all of the bounce equipment.  It was awesome for about 2 minutes then we were surrounded by loads of screaming, shrieking children.

But we persevered and I didn’t lose anybody!  The boys had fun and lasted a little over an hour.  They were ready to go before the pop-in play time was up.  I heartily agreed and we bolted for the door as soon as we located their shoes and my purse.

We met Steph (after her Zumba class) and our friend, B, at the beach for a pizza lunch in the warm spring sunshine.  The kids enjoyed hanging out, digging in the sand and watching the hundreds of Spring Breakers party around us.  Once it became clear that the kids were not going to stop flinging sand at one another we decided to call it a day.

Cutie Pie hardly made it out of the beach parking lot before he fell fast asleep.

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