Saturday Afternoon Nap

Behold!  This hasn’t happened for two years or so.  Wildman actually took a nap on Saturday afternoon!  I guess this is what happens when you have school all day, a football game in the evening and your cousin sleeps over on Friday.  T-bone slept over on Wildman’s trundle and Cutie Pie went next door to Big Red’s house to sleep over with cousin B.  I’m actually a little surprised that T-bone and B wanted to do this.  They’re very protective of their one-on-one time with their dad which is completely expected given the chaos they experience with two extra people living at their mom’s house.

Anyway, T-bone and Wildman woke up at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning to play math games on the computer.  Much to my happiness, they let me sleep until 8 AM before requesting a pancake breakfast 🙂

I think we should allow Friday night sleepovers more often if I can actually get a nap out of Wildman!


Ultimate Freedom


Steph and B surprised me with a trip to the spa on Tuesday night.  So glad I shaved my legs that afternoon!  We were there to celebrate my 34th birthday.  Steph and B packed a wonderful picnic dinner complete with wine which we enjoyed on the spa’s back patio.  It was a lovely evening.  Good food, good friends, good conversation.

Our massage therapists called us in to change at 7 PM.  Tammy was assigned to me and she was fabulous!  I’m pretty ticklish so getting me to relax in a massage is tough.  Tammy did it though.  She used her forearms on my back- amazing!

After our 1-hour massages, we retreated to the sauna.  Afterward, I was treated to a bonus birthday facial.  Woo hoo!

We had a wonderful evening at the spa.  It was a much needed break for all of us.  Here we are in front of the spa’s fountain.

Kindly ignore the fact that the top of my robe is wide open…  Yikes!  Don’t we look like silly, relaxed fools?

Not thrilled to be halfway to 68 but I am thrilled to have such wonderful friends!