Continuing the Christmas Recap

Hello, folks!  I’ve returned to the land of the living after getting slammed by a nasty stomach bug.  Cutie Pie got it too.  We were waylaid for a day and a half then the weekend hit…  We’ve been doing all sorts of fun things from a nighttime bon fire to a day’s worth of beach fishing.  Because what else are we going to do with all this freakishly warm weather we’re experiencing?!  I finally managed to run the boys out of here so I could clean and thought I’d catch up on my blog while my floors are drying from a much needed mopping.

Back to the Christmas recap!

Right!  So, the boys each had classroom Christmas parties on their last day of school before winter break.  Both parties were pajama-day events laden with sugary treats and fun games.

We hosted our annual dinner party with our friends on the Thursday evening before Christmas.  Big Red and his kids, B and her family and our across-the-street neighbors joined us for some good cheer and good food.

The children exchanged Christmas presents and wouldn’t you know it…  Big Red bought our kids and B’s kids whistles…  For some reason, J found the shrill, ear-splitting whistling uncontrollably funny.  I’ve hardly ever seen him laugh so hard.


We hosted a Christmas Eve dinner of crab legs and ginormous shrimp for our family before heading to candlelight service at Nana and Papa’s church (the church where J and I got married).

After church the boy’s slipped into their pajamas then headed outside to spread a little reindeer food on the lawn.  Then they came back inside to prepare a plate cookies and a glass of egg nog (with nutmeg, of course) for Santa.  There were carrots for the reindeer too.  It was hard to get them to finally go to bed for the night but somehow we managed!

Now, you’re not going to believe this after my two-post holiday season recap, but I did not take a single photo on Christmas Day!  Unbelievable…  It was a day filled with family, friends, good food and presents.

(Insert Norman Rockwell scene here)  🙂