Windjammer Cruise

One of the coolest things we did while in Maine was take a 2-hour windjammer cruise on Penobscot Bay.  The weather had been ridiculously hot (98 degrees) on the first two days of our trip.  Feeling the cool breezes off the water was a welcome sensation.  It was perfect!

Our captain was extremely professional and knowledgeable.  He owned the boat and was not just some guy hired by a tour company to take people out.  You could tell by the way that he commanded his sailboat.  He was very much in control, confident and at ease.  Also, his beard probably had it’s own zip code.

Morning trips are supposed to be best for viewing wildlife so we booked the first tour of the day leaving at 9:45 AM.  We managed to see a bunch of seals on an island which was pretty amazing.  I’m glad I brought my zoom camera lens so I could capture a good photo of these guys.  They were so cute.

We motored out of the harbor then the first mate hoisted the sails with the help of a few passengers once we were clear of other boats.  Once the sails were up the captain killed the motor and the wind carried us on the rest of our journey.  I could not get over how quiet it was zipping along the bay.  I’m used to our loud power boat so the quiet of a sailboat was a lovely surprise.  It was so peaceful out there.

Now I want to charter a large windjammer to cruise the Caribbean for a couple of weeks.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to sleep on one of these beautiful old wooden sailboats?


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