Saturday Afternoon Nap

Behold!  This hasn’t happened for two years or so.  Wildman actually took a nap on Saturday afternoon!  I guess this is what happens when you have school all day, a football game in the evening and your cousin sleeps over on Friday.  T-bone slept over on Wildman’s trundle and Cutie Pie went next door to Big Red’s house to sleep over with cousin B.  I’m actually a little surprised that T-bone and B wanted to do this.  They’re very protective of their one-on-one time with their dad which is completely expected given the chaos they experience with two extra people living at their mom’s house.

Anyway, T-bone and Wildman woke up at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning to play math games on the computer.  Much to my happiness, they let me sleep until 8 AM before requesting a pancake breakfast 🙂

I think we should allow Friday night sleepovers more often if I can actually get a nap out of Wildman!


Tearing It Up at Manatee Park

Saturday was an especially windy day- great weather for kiteboarding!  J had heard that Discovery HD was filming a show about kiteboarding in the Banana River near Manatee Park in Cape Canaveral and wanted to check it out.  Since I was fresh out of photography class I was excited to take a few shots with my 300 mm lens.

So, the boys and I tagged along for this extreme sport field trip.  And a few shots turned into over 300…  Thank you, burst mode 🙂

Cutie Pie and Wildman had fun collecting rocks to skip in the river and checking out all of the colorful kites at the park while J set up his gear and I set up mine.

Manatee Park has lots of open, grassy areas that make launching kites a breeze (pun intended, ha!)

J’s kiting glasses kind of make him look like a cyborg or something but I think this shot looks like he should be in a magazine.

I found a spot along the bank of the river so I could catch J cruising by and doing tricks.  It was really cool!  The boys were hooting and hollering for him.

Eventually the boys grew bored with watching J and asked to go to a playground.  The strong wind made it especially chilly outside so I was thankful to retreat to the warmth of the car for a ride over to a park with a jungle gym.  J went on to kite further out in the river near a sandbar.  He also got to see the film crew on a boat.  I’ll be interested to see the show to see if J made it into the footage somehow.  Not sure when it airs though…

Of his afternoon kite session, J said it was one of the best ever!


…what goes on at the neighbors’ house is WAY cooler than what’s going on at your house.