The “K” Word

Clearly I’m not as ready for this as he and his buddy are…

Yesterday Wildman and I toured the school where he will attend Kindergarten.  My heart breaks a little thinking about him entering the public school system.  It’s such a big step.  He’s going lose that innocence I love.   Just look at him holding hands with his buddy from preschool:

Sweet innocence like that does not last long, unfortunately.  *sigh*

Both J and I went to Wildman’s future elementary school.  In my memory the campus and classrooms were huge.  In reality they are quite tiny.  Which is a good thing.  I like that the school is really small and that all of the staff and teachers (from K through 6) make an effort to learn every single child’s name and vice versa.  It makes the leap from preschool to elementary school seem not so huge.

But it is huge.

And my poor mother’s heart is breaking…