The boys requested to play in the front yard on Thursday afternoon.  It was nice and warm so I happily agreed.  I sat in the grass flipping through some catalogs that came in the mail while the boys played t-ball.

When t-ball got boring I suggested that we play hopscotch on the sidewalk.  Wildman helped me find some chalk then requested that I draw the squares all the way down the sidewalk to the end of street.  He likes everything to be as big or as long as possible…  I declined but told him that I would draw up to 15 squares.  He seemed happy with that.

The thing about Wildman is that he must have his hopscotch game start with a “0” square instead of a “1”.  He made sure to grab the chalk from me to correct the starting position.  🙂  Then he tacked on a few more squares on the end of the game making it go all the way up to “18”.

Wildman played a few rounds while Cutie Pie rode his scooter.  Sometimes Cutie Pie would ride right over the hopscotch game much to Wildman’s chagrin.

I even gave it a try or two as well.  Wildman insisted on taking my picture…  I just noticed Cutie Pie fell off his scooter in the shot that Wildman took!  He never complained or cried.  Guess his fall wasn’t that bad 🙂

We played out front for about an hour then J came home on his motorcycle.

The wind was pretty strong which meant that J wanted to hit the beach with his friends for a kiteboarding session.  We all went with him.  Photos of that to come!


The Evening the Mosquitoes Devoured Us

On Tuesday evening, I took my boys to a nearby park for some fun on the exercise trail.  Normally they love to go to this park to try out all of the fitness stations, climb around on the huge, green concrete pipe and ride their bikes/scooters.

Our trip this week should have been a great way to spend an hour or so expending the excess energy of the day.  And it was great for about 20 minutes.  That is until we got just far enough away from the car to feasibly run back for shelter when the hoards of mosquitoes showed up.

We were attacked, people.  I’m pretty sure that Cutie Pie was lifted off the ground by those little buggers as they attempted to carry him off for a feast in the woods.  It didn’t help that Wildman wanted to climb on every. single. thing.  Cutie Pie just wanted to pedal his tricycle but he constantly had to stop and wait for his brother.  As a result, he had some huge bites on his little legs 😦

Once moving in the direction of the car, our little group was only as fast as it’s slowest member (that would be Cutie Pie on the trike).  Of course, it seemed like an eternity with Wildman groaning and moaning about how bad he itched and Cutie Pie saying, “No!  I dood it myself” when I offered to carry the trike back to the car.  So, we creeped ourselves back toward the parking lot with intermittent breaks to peel Wildman’s complaining self off of the pavement.  Mosquitoes buzzed us a every step and turn of the pedals.


It was not exactly the park trip I had in mind…  We went home for dinner and baths.  All was right with the world after that.