New Camera Fun

I’m excited guys!  J gave be a Nikon D3100 DSLR camera for Christmas.  I’ve never had anything more complicated than a point-and-shoot and was quite intimidated by all of the manual functions that this one was capable of.  Luckily, our local photography and camera shop, Southern Photo, offers classes for DSLR owners/users.  The class was last night from 6-9 PM.  I am SO glad I went!!!  I needed someone to just straight up tell me how to use the darn thing and how to take a decent photo.  Our instructor did exactly that and then some.  His instruction style was perfect for someone like me who lacks both the time and the patience to teach herself.

It was information overload really but whatever I picked up has allowed me to take some pretty neat photos!  I cannot wait to experiment with my new toy more.  The photos it takes are amazing.

I have so much to learn about photography and I am looking forward to the journey.  I’m also looking forward to sharing my photos with you here!


Afternoon Bike Ride

Because I am vehemently opposed to letting my sons sit in front of the television playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii all afternoon, I enforce exercise time after school.  Monday’s choice was a bike ride up to the library park then over to the elementary school playground.

Did you notice that the new driveway is finally done?!  J finished it off by brushing fine sand into the cracks and parked the boat on Sunday!  We’re so happy to have that project complete!

Monday was one of those days that Central Florida is famous for- sunny and mild with a cool breeze.  It was wonderful!  I decided to bring my camera along for fun.

How else could I show you a caution sign that you’d probably never see in… say…  Iowa?

We rode the huge loop around the soccer fields and stopped to do a few push-ups…

… and sit-ups.

Wildman wanted his picture taken with me which prompted me to consider changing my Facebook profile photo.

But before I could take a good self-portrait the boys had decided that they wanted to ride over to Wildman’s school playground.

We made it to our destination with little to no arguing over who was going to be in the lead.  That was a huge bonus for me because those two can argue like angry old men over it for what seems like forever until one is left in tears.

It’s great.

Real great.

Anyway, no arguing and no tears for that leg of our trip!  When we arrived Wildman immediately showed me his new skills on the swinging-handle style monkey bars.  He’s gotten so good!

Of course Cutie Pie wanted to give it a go.  Wildman insisted on taking a photo of me helping Cutie Pie across.

We hung out a little longer (pun intended).

While the kids tried to hunt up the biggest stick they could find, I attempted a new Facebook profile picture (such an interesting life I lead).  Not sure which one I like though.

We rode home with just enough daylight left to play catch with our neighbor across the street.  A good non-Wii afternoon, indeed!

7 Days

The 7 Days group on Flickr started a new week on Saturday.  I began the week a day late but at least I started…  Thanks for the reminder, CC.

Today’s theme was “Yellow”.  I have to admit I was at a loss for what to do all day until my sons’ bubble bottle caught my eye as I was coming in from the garage.


Wildman played with my camera the other day so all of my settings are messed up.  The quality of this photo is pretty crappy.  But, at least, I got my submission in today.

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