School’s Out for the Summer!

I left two cans of shaving cream sitting on the kitchen counter last week to tempt Wildman.  Really I was just too lazy to put them away.  Wildman didn’t see it that way.  I’m pretty sure he thought I left them there to torture him… Because he remembered how fun shaving cream could be.

I had planned to let the boys play with it when we had time and they were bored.  Every single day that the shaving cream was on the counter Wildman asked me when he could use it.  By Saturday morning, he had worn me down.  I gave in.

“Fine!  Go put on your bathing suits and meet me on the porch for sunscreen,” I exclaimed.

In no time at all both boys were suited up and waiting anxiously for me to slather them in SPF 85.  They could hardly contain their excitement at the prospect of making a huge foamy mess!

I don’t know what it is about kids and shaving cream but it’s the best entertainment on warm, sunny days.  They occupied themselves for well over an hour.

They pretended to shave.

They gave each other faux hawks.

A quick jump in the pool was all it took to clean off.

I do believe that I’ll be stocking my cupboards with more cans of shaving cream.  The boys will want to do this again this summer, I guarantee!


Preschool Activity: Shaving Cream Prints

Yesterday’s preschool craft project was making shaving cream prints.  This is what I had been saving that can of shaving cream for.  You know the one that Wildman got into?

So, I gathered all of the supplies for some messy fun and headed to the backyard because I’m not brave enough do stuff like this in the house.

We sprayed shaving cream into an old, nasty cookie sheet.  The boys smoothed out the foam and squeezed on drops of food coloring.

Doesn’t it look pretty?

Then they got busy swirling the colors around with bamboo skewers.

I let them each place a piece of cardstock on the shaving cream.  They loved patting the paper to make the prints.

Here’s what the prints looked like when I peeled them off of the shaving cream:

And here’s what they looked like after I scraped off the shaving cream and let them dry for a while:

So cool!  I think I might use these to make note cards or something.  They look wonderful and the paper became surprisingly soft and smooth when it dried.  Go Barbasol!

Of course, the boys could not resist smearing shaving cream all over themselves once the prints were complete.  I let them go nuts then hosed them down and let them go in the pool.

He was Supposed to be Eating Breakfast…

It was after 8 on Friday morning.  Wildman had not touched a bite of his breakfast, he was not dressed and we had to leave for preschool in less than half an hour.  He was no where to be found.  I called and called for him to come eat but got no response.

At times like these he can usually be found chatting with J while J is in the shower.  As I rounded the corner into the bathroom, ready to do some serious nagging, I found this:

He’d found his toy razor and a can of shaving cream that I was saving for an art project.  J was shaving and Wildman wanted to try it too.

How could I get mad at a face like this?

I let him finish up his shave then proceeded to hound him about eating his breakfast.  🙂

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