Costa Rican Grocery Store

This post is not really a Costa Rica Highlight but it’s a short topic that I can quickly put up before I face plant into my bed.  You see, J passed his flu onto me and I, in turn, passed it along to Wildman.  Cutie Pie is proving to be the man with the iron immune system or our family’s Mr. Musculo.  Thank goodness!  We’ve been miserable around here.  I’m slowly starting to feel better but J is out of town so I’ve been struggling to keep it all together.  Wildman has missed the last three days of school due to a fever, runny nose and general crudiness.  It’s all I can do to make it to bed time and, of course, Cutie Pie (the well one) is not at all tired…

Enough of that.  On to the groceries!

Most of the grocery stores in the La Fortuna area are called “supers”.  There was the Mega Super, the Mini Super, the Super Christian (?), etc.  J and I hit the grocery store a couple of times to stock up on drinks for our room at the first resort we stayed at because it was not all inclusive.  I refuse to pay $6 for a bottle of water.  We were surprised to find that the grocery store prices were quite hefty.  They were certainly less expensive that the Tabacon but they were much more that US prices.

I really dug this little rolling shopping basket.  I wish our Publix had these.

And these I just found gross sounding.  Thought I’d share.

Wish me luck in the battle to make us all healthy!



The boys and I made Flubber today!  Cutie Pie’s preschool teacher sent home the recipe on Monday, and since I decided to keep the kids home from school due to a persistent cough, it seemed like a fun activity for us to try.

Flubber Recipe

Large Bowl

  • 2 cups white glue
  • 1 1/4 cups warm water
  • Food coloring of your choice

Mix and let it sit.

Small Bowl

  • 1 1/3 cups warm water
  • 3 tablespoons Borax

Mix small bowl ingredients with a metal spoon.

Add ingredients from small bowl to ingredients in the large bowl.  Mix with a metal spoon.  When mixed ingredients will form a ball.  Approximately 2 tablespoons of liquid will pour off.

We did not have enough Elmer’s glue to make a full batch (remind me to pick up some more when it’s on sale for 20 cents…).  We only had three bottles which came to about 1 cup.  So, I did my best to half the Flubber recipe.

The boys enjoyed adding the food coloring and stirring up the ingredients.

My rough estimates for half a recipe must have worked because we ended up with a Flubbery substance.

Flubber is pretty much like silly putty.  It bounces, it oozes, it can be used with play dough toys.

I highly recommend  whipping up a batch to stave off boredom!  It does the trick.  At leas for a little while 🙂

Under the Weather

This little man (with the cowlick)  stayed home from school on Wednesday.  He had a runny nose and was feeling pretty bad.  He watched a lot of television and sat on the couch.

I did manage to talk him into painting though.  He sat at the dining room table creating his masterpiece for half an hour or more.  That’s pretty much unheard of for Wildman.  He was also very deliberate with his painting.  Normally, he would just stir all of the colors together, slap a few strokes on the paper and call it done.  Not on Wednesday.

My oldest child is growing up so fast.