Bethlehem Walk Field Trip

Cutie Pie’s preschool visited a local church’s Bethlehem Walk on Friday.  Wildman and I did this last year in super chilly, overcast weather.  Today it was sunny and quite warm.  The wait was interminable!  We were told to be there at 9:30 AM but they did not let our group in until 10:30.

Needless to say, the kids were super antsy. Cutie Pie played a bunch of games on my iphone, took some photos with my camera, hung on my leg, whined, asked me to carry him, etc.  It was a looong, hot wait for both of us.  You would think that the host church would have been better prepared after last year’s crazy wait.  Unfortunately the wait was worse this time…

Once they finally let us in, Cutie Pie signed a scroll for the census.  I’m so impressed with how well he can write his name!  His fine motor skills are really great.

Cousin B was there with Big Red.  Aren’t the boys cute?!

This year’s exhibit was just as good as last year.  The performers were really great and interacted with the children so well letting them see an ancient oil lamp and smell some cloves.

We were stopped by some shepherds telling us the good news.

The animals were the highlight of the morning for the boys I think!  They loved petting the miniature Brama, the donkey and the goats.

Eventually we found Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus at the end of our walk!

It was a nice but long morning.  I ended up taking B back to preschool because Big Red had to run to a meeting.  I kept Cutie Pie with me so we could run a few errand before lunch.  Wouldn’t you know it…  The school nurse called as soon as we entered our first store to say that Wildman had a fever and needed to come home.  Ugh!  Poor Wildman had been home sick for two days prior and he seemed to be doing so well on Friday morning.

It took me 45 minutes to get across town to Wildman’s school.  We spent the afternoon napping and taking it easy.  *sigh*  Why does this stuff always happen when J is out of town?


Costa Rican Grocery Store

This post is not really a Costa Rica Highlight but it’s a short topic that I can quickly put up before I face plant into my bed.  You see, J passed his flu onto me and I, in turn, passed it along to Wildman.  Cutie Pie is proving to be the man with the iron immune system or our family’s Mr. Musculo.  Thank goodness!  We’ve been miserable around here.  I’m slowly starting to feel better but J is out of town so I’ve been struggling to keep it all together.  Wildman has missed the last three days of school due to a fever, runny nose and general crudiness.  It’s all I can do to make it to bed time and, of course, Cutie Pie (the well one) is not at all tired…

Enough of that.  On to the groceries!

Most of the grocery stores in the La Fortuna area are called “supers”.  There was the Mega Super, the Mini Super, the Super Christian (?), etc.  J and I hit the grocery store a couple of times to stock up on drinks for our room at the first resort we stayed at because it was not all inclusive.  I refuse to pay $6 for a bottle of water.  We were surprised to find that the grocery store prices were quite hefty.  They were certainly less expensive that the Tabacon but they were much more that US prices.

I really dug this little rolling shopping basket.  I wish our Publix had these.

And these I just found gross sounding.  Thought I’d share.

Wish me luck in the battle to make us all healthy!

Feeling Helpless

My aunt (my mom’s sister), the kids call her Mimi, is in the hospital.

She’s been there for ten days now and the doctors don’t know for sure what is wrong with her.  She suffered a severe head trauma when she blacked out in her kitchen.  There was nothing to break her fall so her head impacted the tile floor with full force.

She has had a the worst imaginable headache since her fall.  No amount of pain medication can touch it.  She’s had no relief from her suffering for ten days.

She’s had a couple of seizures as well.  The most recent of which occurred this afternoon.

Her heart rate remained so low and unstable after the fall that she had a pace maker implanted last week.

The MRIs, EEGs, Cat scans, etc. do not reveal anything except some “possible seizure activity”.  I feel angry because the doctors cannot find what is wrong with my aunt.  I want them to fix whatever it is!  Make her well again!

I have never felt so helpless.  I wish there was something I could do for her.  The only thing I can think to do is pray.  And pray I do.

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