I’m Back!

Well, folks, J and I are back from beautiful Costa Rica!  It was such an amazing trip and I have so many things to share with you but I’m overwhelmed when I think of all the posts that I could write.  It’s remarkable how much you can see and do in 10 days.  I’ll try to tackle one topic a day until I get all of our stories told.

It’s back-to-school week here so you can imagine how we had to hit the ground running when we arrived home on Saturday night!  Our first stop on the way home from the airport was to Publix to buy some essentials.  I didn’t do any shopping before we left because I didn’t want food sitting around for the 10 days that we were gone.  As a result, the cupboards were quite bare when we returned.

Cutie Pie’s preschool Open House was on Monday.  He has the same teacher that Wildman had when he was in the three-year-old “grade”.  She’s wonderful and will have her hands full this year with 5 boys and 2 girls.  I love the small class size though.  Cutie Pie is so excited to be in the “big kid” classrooms.  His first full day was today and he did not want to leave when I picked him up for lunch.

Wildman’s first day of Kindergarten is tomorrow.  Our school district does Kindergarten skills assessments by appointment during the first three days of the new school year.  Wildman’s appointment was today at 10 AM.  I’m happy to report that he passed with flying colors and could even read 20 out of the 40 sight words that they should know by the end of the school year!  I gotta brag when I can 🙂  He’s such a good little reader.  His teacher is going to give me the 1st grade sight words list soon so we can practice.

J is sick, sick, sick with some kind of funk that he most likely picked up on the flight home.  He doesn’t have a fever or headache so we don’t think he’s got dengue fever or malaria, thank goodness!  He’s got a sweet cold sweat thing going, no appetite, congestion, a cough, fatigue, etc.  The good news is that he’s feeling better today.  Monday and Tuesday were miserable for him.  Poor guy!  Now I’m praying that I don’t get it.  J will be out of town for work next week and the last thing I need is to be half dead with the flu.

That’s all for today!  Dinner is not going to make itself.


Holy Mole-y

A great time was had by all at the birthday extravaganza last night. Everyone was in festive holiday spirits. It was a nice evening. A nice evening with my create-your-own nacho station! Queso makes everything better, doesn’t it?

You know, sometimes I think certain family members like to purchase Wildman obnoxious gifts just to get a rise out of me. This year my mom stepped up with this little beauty:

I know she bought this for him because he’d love it. Which he does. Anything with a mallet, lights and noise is a favorite of Wildman’s. But I also believe there was a look of glee on her face and an evil laugh in her heart as she wrapped this gift knowing that it would bring hours of “carnival excitement into my home.” When I suggested it stay at Ya-Ya’s (that’s what the boys call her) house, she looked a tad fearful that I might actually be serious. I gotta keep her on her toes! Who knows what else might be up her sleeve?

In other news, J’s got some kind of bug. He shrouded himself in a Nyquil-induced comma last night and now he’s sawing logs again. Poor guy! He’s been working a lot of hours lately and has been trying to finish up the laundry room remodel before Christmas. I think he let himself get rundown. 😦 I gave him a nice back scratch this morning to help make him feel better.