First Grade Christmas Program

Wildman’s Christmas program was last night!  Our friends who live across the street from the elementary school invited us over for snacks and drinks beforehand.  It was fun letting our kids play together while we, the adults, chatted about outdoor kitchen ideas, Pinterest and party planning.  We made our way over to the school in good spirits from the red wine and good company.  Our oldest boys were due in to their classrooms at 6:15 pm.

We made our way over to the cafeteria to find our family a little before 6:30 pm.  To our big surprise, Wildman opened the show by reading a couple of paragraphs!  We knew he had a part of the Christmas story but had no idea he was also speaking at the beginning.  That little stinker totally surprised us!  We were all so proud!

Our friends’ son, Pepper, had a speaking part as well!  He rocked it!

T-bone did super too!  Although he managed to accidentally knock down the set on his way to the podium…  🙂

Wildman got all sorts of pats on the head and “atta boys” from people.  Yaya made sure to give him a huge hug on her way out.

This boy of mine continues to amaze me everyday!  I am so very lucky to be his mother.


Vacation Bible School

The boys had vacation bible school all last week at the church where Cutie Pie has preschool.  They had so much fun!  The theme was PandaMania and the many volunteers who helped  out made this VBS at truly special event.  From music CDs to t-shirts to crafts to photos with a guy in a panda suit to waterslides- it was an awesome week!  The boys are disappointed that it is over.

I really loved the colorful paper lanterns that were strung up in the sanctuary.

The program on Friday was really cute.  The children sang lots of songs that they learned from the week.  All 240 students were on stage at one time!  I completely lost Wildman in the crowd when he sat down…

But I had a pretty great view of these two!  LOL!  I love it!

Veteran’s Day Program

Last Wednesday, Wildman’s school put on a sweet Veteran’s Day program on the blacktop. It began with the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.  I absolutely love hearing a crowd come together to recite our Pledge and sing our National Anthem.  It makes me so proud to be an American.

The chorus sang songs from each branch of our military and asked the veterans and active duty guests in the audience to rise when their song was sung.  It was very touching to see how many wonderful service men and women we had in our midst.

It was about 1000 degrees out there and I felt sorry for the poor kids that had to sit on the hot pavement.  We parents and guests were lucky enough to sit in chairs.  Thankfully, the students didn’t seem to mind the scorching heat.

After school, we brought home two of Wildman’s friends for a play date.  Frosties, the park and the Wii- Oh, my!

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