Happy April Fool’s Friday

I really don’t like April Fool’s Day so no jokes for you from me.  Instead, I’ll tell you about the fun that was had at our house last night in the form of a sleepover.  My friend, B, had made arrangements with her mother to keep her kids one night during Spring Break..  B’s mom forgot to check her calendar, however.  It turns out that she had already committed to going to a birthday party on the night she promised to take her grandchildren.  B’s kids were supposed to go to grandma’s house last night. All day yesterday they were moping around the house disappointed that grandma had reneged.  B called me in a fit of frustration because her kids were upset and because she was looking forward to a date night with her husband.  I’d have been in a tizzy too if i were B.  Since I didn’t have anything going on and J was out of town (again) I suggested a sleepover at our house.  Both sets of kids were thrilled with the new plans!

Yesterday’s weather was atrocious.  Bands of a raging spring storm swept across us all day.  I received countless tornado warning alerts in my inbox.  It was a good night to stay inside.  The kids and I filled our evening playing with homemade play dough, making cute carrot planters for dessert, eating breakfast for dinner, having a dance party, coloring in coloring books, doing acrobatics over the back of the couch and watching Tangled in 3D.

I invited T-bone and cousin B over to join us for the movie since Big Red has them on Thursday nights.  They came over in high spirits and enjoyed spending some time with their friends.

The only hiccup of the entire evening occurred toward the end of the movie.  Moose, B’s daughter, was frightened of the villain.  I tried my best to reassure her that the movie was not real and that she was save.  But Moose wanted comfort from her mommy so when the DVD was over I immediately called B to come over.  Moose was grateful to see her mom and collapsed into a tired wail.  Poor girl!  B took her home to the safety of her own warm bed.  I felt bad that Moose got so frightened.  I’m hoping that she’ll be able to hang with us the whole night next time I have them over.  But I promise not to show a movie with scary parts!  Thankfully, Moose’s brother was able to hang with us all night 🙂

Happily, the bad weather has passed and we’re heading up to the zoo for some more fun!  Have a wonderful Friday, folks!


Will it Ever Get Too Cold to Swim?

I doubt it.

I am tired of the heat.  And the short sleeves.  And the sweating.

But the warm weather does have it’s benefits.  It helped with entertaining Wildman and his buddy who slept over last night.   The pool water is pretty darn chilly so I turned on the hot tub so the boys could run back and forth between the two.  They had a blast!

Until the cloud-to-cloud lightning began in the distance…  I wasn’t taking my chances and made the boys get out of the water.

After a quick shower the boys indulged in the cupcakes that my mom brought over.

This morning I had to enforce breakfast eating before they could hit the pool again.  You would have thought I was torturing them when I made them wait for me to get dressed before I opened the child safety gate.  The boys were undeterred by the brief rain showers this morning.  Luckily, there was no lightning accompanying the rain.

J came home briefly after dropping my SUV off to get the tires balanced so he jumped in the hot tub with kids.  I’m sure the neighbors appreciated all the ruckus coming from our backyard at 8 AM…

I’m glad Wildman’s friend got to come stay with us last night.  It was a lot of fun.  I feel like we’ve done so much already today and it’s not even noon yet!

More Fun with the Underwater Camera!

Last week flew by in a flurry of activity.  The boys finished up swim lessons, we spent a lot of time over at Steph’s house swimming, we went to Pump It Up on Tuesday afternoon and we had T-bone and B over for a sleepover on Monday night.  Sadly, I don’t have many photos from last week.  I didn’t take my camera with me.

But I did manage to capture a cute shot of the four boys settling down to watch Surf’s Up.  They all camped out on Wildman’s trundle.  So cute!

They did not fall asleep watching the movie as I had hoped.  Instead, they kept each other up talking and laughing.  The temptation to leap from the bed to the trundle was too great.  When I went in to investigate the noise level I found that they had formed a line down Wildman’s bed and were taking turns springing onto the mattress below…  I let them play for a little while but decided to separate them at 10:30 PM when they simply would not settle down.  I turned off the movie and put two kids in Cutie Pie’s room and two in Wildman’s.  It took 0.4 seconds for the boys to fall asleep!  They had worn themselves out.

Anyway, onto the real reason for this post…

Today I decided to take the boys over to my mother-in-law’s house to swim and picnic while J worked on putting up cedar support beams on the patio.  The in-laws are vacationing in the GA mountains and left us the key to the house so we can swim whenever we want.  Yeah!  I brought along the camera and took some pretty funny photos!

I love this shot of my boys on the pool steps!  Aren’t they cute?!

This one of Cutie Pie pressing his face into the screen door cracked me up.  What a goober!

Today I’m just taking it easy.  Catching up on chores and watching J work on those darn support beams that are taking FOREVER to install.  Some of his projects turn out to be much more involved than he originally thought.  I’ll see if I can dig up the latest photos of the pool and post them soon.  It’s looking good with all the rock work up.  We’re soooo excited!

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