Valentine’s Day Crafts and Other Lazy Day Fun

Steph taught our Zumba class Tuesday morning and my friend drove Wildman to preschool.  So, I got to lounge around in my PJ’s all morning long.  It was wonderful!

Cutie Pie spent some time reading while I folded and put away Wildman’s laundry.

Then he created a masterpiece on the back porch while watching our pool guy try to fix the hot tub leak.  It’s not fixed yet…  Grrrr.

We worked on those darn heart-shaped crayons again!  I found a proper silicone pan at Walmart.  Woo hoo!  Round two was a total success.

Cousin B came over while Steph went to Zumba around 10 AM.  We made some cute shakers with a Valentine’s Day theme.  I found the inspiration here.

The boys had so much fun embellishing…

…and filling the shakers!

But they enjoyed shaking their creations the most!

Shake, shake, shake!



Cutie Pie insisted on using his finger paints on Tuesday morning.  He didn’t use his hands or fingers to swirl the paint around the paper though.  He wanted to use his foam stamps and paintbrushes.  So, that’s what we did when Wildman left for school.  Cutie Pie spent a good half an hour creating his masterpiece.  I was impressed by how focused the little guy was when he painted the stamps before pressing them on the paper.  Very intent, that one.

Transferring Water

Cutie Pie and I did another fun proprioceptive activity this morning: transferring water.

I found two bowls of the same size and filled one up with water.  The other bowl I left empty.  There were two tools, a baster and a sponge, for Cutie Pie to use for transferring the water.  He wanted to try the baster first.

He loved squeezing bulb but he didn’t quite get the hang of filling the baster.  I had to help him with filling and he did the squeezing into the empty bowl.

For round two, we used the sponge.  He got the hang of using the sponge right away and found that the sponge could move much more water than the baster.

Cutie Pie transferred the water in no time at all!

He did this activity over and over again.  Cutie Pie all about any kind of water play so this was right up his alley.

Can you tell what we were doing before transferring water?  He got a little carried away.