Suzy Homemaker

I’m feeling more human today. My IV drip of Starbucks helped do the trick this morning. Then my mom came over with more coffee after lunch. I’ve been buzzing all day from the caffeine in my system.

Have I told you that J is the most awesome husband ever? Probably not since this is my first week blogging and all. Well, he is. He’s great! He got up with the kids and let me sleep in to the sinful time of 10:30. It was wonderful. Reminiscent of pre-children days when I used to sleep in every weekend… I’m so thankful for him. I’m a better mommy when I get some rest.

So, I decided to make Christmas presents for Wildman’s preschool teacher and the preschool’s director. Both women are so sweet and I wanted to show my appreciation for their hard work. I struggled with what to make but ultimately decided on altered band-aid boxes. I decorated the boxes with Christmas-y paper and embellishments. Inside I’m putting some hand made gift tags that Wildman himself assisted in creating. I’m pleased with the outcome so far. I’ll share some photos when the final coat of Mod Podge dries.

***Mod Podge is dry. Check it out.***

I’ve done laundry, changed the beds, tidied up the house a bit. It’s been a nice, relaxing Sunday. I’m being so domestic, it’s scary!

I finally get my stitches out on tomorrow. YES!!!! The predetermined “suture removal times” are 8:45 AM and 11:45 AM daily. I opted for 8:45 so I’m back in time to pick up Wildman from school. J can drop him off on his way to work. My MIL is coming over to sit with Cutie Pie until I get back.

Guys, a cold front finally hit our area! Can you believe it?! The low tonight is forecast to be 43 degrees! Woo hoo! And the high tomorrow is expected to be 59! Finally some wintry weather in our parts.

Enough random thoughts and updates for now. It’s time to read Wildman a bedtime story. I’m anticipating the “I Love Trucks” book. A new favorite in this house!