Twas the Day Before Preschool

This is a tad off topic but I need to share this because I never remember my dreams:

So, I had a dream last night that I was a rookie dental hygienist in this very nice office. Except I hadn’t taken any form of training to be a dental hygienist. All of the other more seasoned hygienists got beautiful new offices with gleaming equipment. I was put in a store room for 1970’s office furniture. Picture tons of orange/green/yellow vinyl and paneling on the walls. My first patient was a middle-aged chain smoker from my Bunco group. After I set my patient up in the chair I ran out into the hallway to ask for help. How was I supposed to clean teeth, especially yellow smoker teeth, when I’d had no formal training?

What do you think that dream means?


Anyway, on to more fun things… Tomorrow is Wildman’s first day at his new preschool. I moved him to a new church because his old preschool did not offer Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program. He’s looking forward to going and so am I. 🙂 Tomorrow is not a full day, just an open house for one hour. My father-in-law is going to keep Cutie Pie while I go with Wildman.

Today is a day to enjoy the last few hours of summer break fun before another school year begins. J set up the kiddie pool and Elmo sprinkler in the front yard while he was doing yard work.

Bucket Heads:

Running through the Elmo sprinkler. We’ve had this sprinkler since Wildman was 6 months old. I’m glad to see that he still enjoys it.

Crash! Notice Cutie Pie’s plumber’s crack…

This morning has turned out to be so gorgeous! Tropical Storm Fay is going to give us some nasty weather this coming week. I’m so happy that the boys can enjoy some quality time in the sunshine before being stuck indoors for a while.

J leaves for D.C. on Monday morning. I’m sad to see him go again but I know he needs to do it for his project. I leave on Friday morning for my SDV at Disney! J is supposed to be back on Thursday night but that’s when the remnants of Fay are supposed to be on top of Atlanta… He may not get a flight to come home until Friday morning. My boys may be spending the night with Nana and Papa (my in-laws) on Thursday night because I’m supposed to leave for Orlando at 7 AM on Friday. We shall see!