Treetop Trek

My mom took the boys on Saturday afternoon for a day of swimming, the movies and dinner.  J and I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to check out the new Treetop Trek zip line and adventure challenge at the zoo.  Several weeks ago I bought a two half-off groupons for the challenge and they were burning a hole in my pocket.

We thought we would go and it would end up being 4 or 5 zip lines in the trees.  Cool but no big deal.  Oh, how wrong we were!

It took us four hours to complete over 50 challenges on two courses.  By challenges I mean a crazy series of suspended obstacles.  We did everything from riding a hanging skateboard between two platforms to zip lining across a lake to…

… swinging out on a rope swing tarzan-style onto a cargo net!  It was way more physically demanding that we thought and so much more amazing!!!

I loved how the trek took us all throughout the zoo.  We were literally walking above the animals and zoo visitors.  It was amazing.  People kept looking up wondering what the heck we were doing.

We also liked how free we were to do our own safety harnesses.  We had a mini training course with a guide at the very beginning where we demonstrated that we knew what we were doing.  Then they just let us go!  We did not have a guide with us while we were up in the trees.  There were guides on the ground at certain points along the way to help us retrieve fallen gloves or make suggestions on how to approach challenges.  But for the most part we were on our own.  It was great!

The next morning I was surprisingly sore from our adventure.  I guess I used muscles that I don’t normally use because I’m never that sore after body sculpting classes or yoga!

I cannot wait to go back and try it again!  Maybe when the weather cools down though…  Mid-July is just too darn hot!!!


Sweltering Mini Golf Game

Cutie Pie has been begging me to go either bowling or miniature golfing everyday for over a week.  I finally gave in on Tuesday.  I told the boys that they could choose our activity that afternoon: miniature golf or bowling.  Luckily for me they both agreed on golfing.

We headed up to Funntasia in Cape Canaveral to use Wildman’s free game card that he won last year for a hole-in-one.  The boys chose to do the “Waterfall” course this time instead of the “Cave” course.  OMG!  It was so HOT!  It has been overcast and rainy here for two weeks but the skies had finally cleared by Tuesday.  Let me tell you, the heat was brutal!  I didn’t even keep score so we could move along the course a little faster.

After our game, we checked out the alligators in the feeding pond lagoon…

… and marked where we are from on the huge map in the lobby.

Then, we darted back down A1A to the McDonald’s in Cocoa Beach for two yummy smoothies to cool off!

Free Slurpee Day

On July 11th every year, the convenience store, 7-11, celebrates its birthday by giving away free Slurpees all day!  The boys and I could not miss out on that.

The store was crawling with people when we pulled up a little after 4 PM.  After circling the tiny parking lot without success, we ended up having to park our car at the Montessori school next door and walked over.  People cannot be denied their Slurpees, you know 🙂

It was cherry for me (I’m a purist).  Wildman had 3/4 Coke with a 1/4 cherry floating on top.  Cutie Pie had 3/4 Coke with 1/4 pina colada on top of his.  Crazy kids!  It was a great way to beat the oppressive summer heat.  Thank you, 7-11.

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