Spring Break

I gotta keep the kids entertained. It’s Spring Break this week and I’m looking at it as boot camp for summer vacation which is right around the corner. Granted, Wildman is only in preschool on MWF mornings. Spring Break shouldn’t be a big deal but you’d be amazed at how preschool has become an integral part of our lives. Not having it for a week is going to throw us all for a loop. Wildman looks forward to attending and I must admit that I look forward to a bit of a break on preschool days…

Here are a few activities I have planned:

  • Using spray bottles filled with colored water to create spray art on a white piece of poster board
  • Dragging my mom to Orlando on Tuesday to go to IKEA and the outlet mall. It depends on her work schedule but I’m hopeful that she’ll be able to take off.
  • Painting ceramic figurines (train and fish)
  • Learning about sun bleaching by placing several items on a piece of construction paper and leaving it out in the sun for an hour.

  • Activity sheets from a preschool workbook
  • Putting a Diego jigsaw puzzle together
  • Splashing in kiddie pools in the backyard
  • If I’m really desperate, we might make cookies.
  • Library story time on Thursday morning followed by a playdate/lunch at our house
  • Day Out with Thomas on Friday!

(Notice the really crappy Photoshop job of the Thomas face on the train…)

Wildman loves trains, train tracks, train DVDs and train tables. Day Out with Thomas should be right up his alley! We’ll meet Sir Topham Hatt, take a 25-minute ride on Thomas, build stuff with Lego bricks, and more. The only thing that sucks is we have to drive 2 hours to get to the train park! Oh, well. It’ll be well worth the hike to get there. I better get the camera card cleared out in preparation for some cute pics.