Sunday Evening Stroll

It poured sideways on Sunday afternoon.  It did not look like we would be able to visit a park or the beach like we had planned.  We resigned ourselves to indoor fun in the form of board games and playing with toys.  We ordered pizza for dinner and dined while it drizzled outside.

The storm eventually subsided leaving everything drenched.  But the sun finally came out when the clouds parted making for a lovely sunset.  J suggested a walk around the neighborhood before bedtime.  We all readily agreed!

We walked up to the local ball field to look for manatees in the small canal that runs along its west border.  We didn’t see any but we did meet a friendly, raccoon-tailed cat on our way.  The boys hopped out of the jogging stroller to pet him.  Much to my surprise the cat allowed it.  The boys love cats.

We headed back home just before dark.  The boys talked. the. entire. time.  *sigh*  Sometimes I wish for a peace and quiet when we walk…