Sunday Bike Ride

We’ve recently gotten to where we can all bike together safely as a family.  Wildman, J and I are competent two-wheelers and Cutie Pie is rocking the training wheels.  The boys know how to stop at intersections and look for traffic before crossing.  We’ve come a long way!

The weather was really nice on Sunday so we decided to get the bikes out for a family ride up to the beach and back.

I love it when the boys want to wear their sunglasses.  They look so cute!

We made it to the beach without a single accident or near-miss.  The waves were huge!  And the northeast wind felt so good while we rested on the boardwalk.  It’s beginning to feel like fall around here.  We may not be experiencing fall temperatures but at least we are feeling northeasterly winds.  We’ll take what we can get!

The boys insisted on riding their bikes over the little pedestrian bridge so they could check out the fish in the drainage ditch.

You can kind of see the gray minnows in the water if you squint and turn your head sideways.

I noticed this beautiful orange Hibiscus bloom on my tree out front when we got home from our ride.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

I have a confession: I know it’s only September but I cannot wait to decorate for Halloween!


Spring Planting

While Wildman and J were at the t-ball game on Saturday, Cutie Pie and I got busy with a little spring planting.  Cutie Pie was feeling a bit under the weather so I kept him home with me.  He was more than happy to help me realize my vision for a jazzed up pool equipment fence.

You see, I found these awesome hanging tin planters online and knew that I had to have them.  While our little pool equipment fence is well made (thanks to J) and looks nice, I thought it lacked color.  The little hanging planters filled with flowers would be the perfect solution!

The planters arrived on our doorstep last week.  Cutie Pie and I picked up several containers of colorful flowers on Friday afternoon while waiting for his antibiotic prescription to be filled.  The flowers were a whopping 95 cents apiece.  Woo hoo!  I was giddy with anticipation.

Take a look at how they turned out!

They make me smile every time I see them.