A Surprise

It’s not secret that my dad and I don’t have a relationship.  So, it came as quite a surprise when a huge package arrived from him on our doorstep last week.  I know he’s trying to reach out to his grand kids and I’m trying to keep an open mind.  It really was a thoughtful gift considering model trains are his hobby.  The boys were over the moon to receive a train for around our Christmas tree.

I’ve always wanted one too.


Wordless Wednesday

Special Delivery

I had a lovely surprise waiting for me on my doorstep on Friday afternoon.  It could not have come at a better time.  If you recall, Friday was Cutie Pie’s Spring Fling.  I was hot, tired and a little stressed after I when I arrived home after cleaning up the event then meeting my mom for lunch.  The unexpected brown box on my doorstep was a welcome sight.  Aren’t brown boxes almost always a welcome sight?  Happy things usually arrive in brown boxes.

Inside I found the perfect gift from a sweet Internet friend.  Bethany had been reading some posts about my family drama and thoughtfully sent me this little pick-me-up.  She wrote the words from one of my blog entries around a dottery circle on the side.  It says, “Life is pretty sweet out here on the fringe”.  Like I said- perfect!

This is my new favorite coffee mug.  I had been using the blue dottery coffee mug that I commissioned from her years ago.  It had become a little faded and chipped from daily use and washing.  Every time I use my new mug I think how great the Internet can be that I can make friends with someone who knew just what to do to make my day.

Thank you so very much, Bethany!  Your thoughtfulness means the world to me.