Catching Up with Old Friends

Dr. Cindita (on the left) was in town briefly on Friday.  I met up with her and our friend, D, for some Charlie and Jake’s carryout at the hospital.  D recently returned to work as a physical therapy manager at our local hospital.  She had her second son in May and just started back to work after her maternity leave.  D could not take a super long lunch break so we brought lunch to her.

A brief note about Charlie and Jake’s…  Barbecue is definitely a regional thing.  People are loyal to their barbecue.  This was never more apparent than when I was stuck Texas barbecue for five years.

“This is not barbecue!”  I would declare.

Where were the fried okra, garlic toast and sweet potato chips?  Where were the brown sugar baked beans?  Where was the sweet sauce?  What the heck was brisket?!

Charlie and Jake’s is a Brevard County institution.  It’s wonderful!  Their pulled pork is to die for!  Seriously.  When you don’t have it on a regular basis you crave it like crazy.  This was the case for Dr. Cindita, who lives in San Francisco where they might not even have such a thing as barbecue…

All Dr. C wanted on Friday was the barbecue she grew up with.  That and a spin around Publix.  I was happy to oblige.

After we returned D back to her office and took care of Dr. Cindita’s Publix fix, we it our pool.  I sliced some fresh oranges to go in our Syfo on the rocks while Dr. C and I relaxed in the warm water.  We caught up on the gossip of our lives for an hour or so before she had to hit the road again.

It was such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  I’m so glad I got to spend time with my friends for a while.