Flag Football

Last Friday evening the boys had their flag football assessments.  85 kids showed up to demonstrate their throwing, catching, running and agility skills.  The goal of the assessment was to make sure that each of the six teams is evenly populated with children of varying skill levels.  The idea is not to have one super team of awesome flag football players against everyone else.  It was fun watching the kids do the different activities.

Wildman is not the natural athlete that Cutie Pie is but he was actually excited to try flag football after learning to play at PE at school.  I’m not a fan of tackle football for children so I’m glad that the boys are able to experience the flag version.  And I’m thrilled that it is policy for siblings to be placed on the same team.  Since practices are twice a week with games on Friday, it will be nice to have both boys on the same practice schedule.

The Friday evening assessments were cut short due to a huge storm that blew in.  The temperature dropped 15 degrees instantly and the wind kicked up.  For as fierce as the storm looked we got very little rain from it.  J ended up having to take the boys back on Saturday morning to complete their skills tests.

I’m looking forward to a fun Seahawks season!


Stormy Skies

Every afternoon for the past 4 or 5 days this is how the skies have looked around here.  Dark, ominous clouds filled with lightning and the rumble of thunder rolling in from the west or north.  A gust of cool wind blowing in to relieve us from the stifling summer heat.  Torrential downpours usually follow filling the pool to the top and flooding a few streets.  The lashing winds have whipped my poor hibiscus trees sideways in their pots by the garage door.  Even the rack that we use to dry pool towels and swimsuits has been toppled on the back porch.  The power has gone out a couple of times only to return a few seconds later.  The children have hunkered down inside with movies or games waiting the storm out.

I watch the rain fall sideways and in swirls as the wild wind blows, thankful that our drought is over.  Man, I love a good summer thunderstorm!

I Love a Good Storm

This was the scene as I was leaving Wildman’s preschool this afternoon.  I rolled down the window to capture a quick shot before the rains came.  Luckily I had my camera handy.  My mom is listing some furniture on craigslist so I was over at her house taking photos before I went to get Wildman.

The storm kept getting more and more ominous as I drove so I took a few more snapshots through the windshield and side window while I was driving.  Not the safest activity, I know.  But look how cool this storm was!

We made it home just as the rain started to fall.  Wildman and Cutie Pie demanded to run around in the front yard when we pulled into the garage.  They love a good storm too.

Cutie Pie was not so sure about the thunder so he stuck close to me.  Wildman ran around the yard with reckless abandon, however.

After a couple of minutes I called them inside.  The wind had started to pick up and it really started to pour.  We’re all inside safe and sound now.  It’s great napping weather.  I might just have to do that…