Boo at the Zoo 2011

Big Red invited us up to check out his 2011 Boo at the Zoo display on Saturday night.  We took his boys up with us since they hadn’t seen it yet either.

I have to say the fire pit was a nice addition and will hopefully lead to some new business for him.

Of course the boys ended up with gobs of candy from trick-or-treating around the zoo.  I might just have to pay some of it forward on the 31st when kids come to our door 🙂

Our past Boo at the Zoo visits can be seen here and here.

Check this video out.  Big Red and Auntie Jo are at the 0:06 sec. mark and Cutie Pie’s t-ball assistant coach/team sponsor is toward the end with his little Snow White :-)!


Happy Halloween!

We came.

We ate our fill of candy.

We wore our finest garb.

We trick-or-treated.

We took our costume a little to literally and got sloshing drunk on Cuervo…

Okay, not really but it would have been funny.

From our house to yours, Happy Halloween 2009!

Happy Halloween

We came, we saw, we got a sugar high…  It was a great Halloween!  Hope yours was too!

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