Typhoid Lagoid

J and I took the boys to Typhoon Lagoon on Saturday.  I jokingly referred to the water park as “Typhoid Lagoon” and then it became “Typhoid Lagoid”…  Oh!  Someone stop the insanity.  It’s a laugh a minute around here.


We spent a lot of time in the kids area or Ketchekaddee Creek as it’s known at Disney.  The boys loved going on the tube flume ride.  I think they particularly enjoyed it because they could do it by themselves.  The tubes weren’t so big that they could not carry them.  They could take the tubes to the water and get in them solo.  Then they could get out of the tubes at the end of the ride.  It was like an exercise in independence that we watched over and over and over again.

To fill our time, because we couldn’t ride anything in the kiddie area, J and I took funny pictures of ourselves with my camera.  This is J doing his best Captain Morgan…

Castaway Creek was a hit with our fam as well.  We lazed around on tubes in the gentle water.

The boys even managed to share a tube for a while.  Aw!  The togetherness!

No trip to a Disney theme park is complete without a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar snack break.  Ugh!  What a mess!  But the boys devoured every last bit.

I have this attraction to thank for road rash on my left knee and elbow.  The Surf Pool is no joke.  It generates tsunamis every so often that take people out.  I ducked under a wave with Cutie Pie to avoid getting pummeled by the tourists on the surface only be drug along the rough, concrete bottom for 100 yards…  J wasn’t as lucky as me.  He got kicked in the head by some guy and had a massive headache for several hours.  Awesome!

Later in the day Cutie Pie ended up with road rash on his toe that would not stop bleeding….

Wildman is the only one to escape the Surf Pool unscathed.  Woo hoo!

Taking into account all of our injuries, we still managed to have a really fun day.  Although I think we all agreed that Blizzard Beach was a slightly better water park.