Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday

Warm Saturday

I found the boys relaxing in the sun on Saturday afternoon.  They appeared to be napping out there on the lounge chairs but after I snapped a photo of them they quickly jumped up to play.

The weather was really nice last weekend.  I’d classify it as mild- not too warm, not too cool.  Sunny!  We have not had a glorious sunny day in a long while.  It was too nice a day to waste so I suggested that we warm up the hot tub and go for a dip while J was out kiteboarding.

The boys immediately agreed!

I took a couple of quick underwater shots of Wildman and Cutie Pie then changed into my swimsuit so I could join them.  It was great!

On a side note, check out my cool hanging votive candle holders that J finally got around to hanging for me.  I found them at IKEA a long time ago.  I bought them when the pool was being built thinking that the would be so lovely to have at night.  I’ve lit them several times on evenings when we were on the patio.  It makes the whole place kind of magical.

Candlelight is a wonderful thing.

Also, our hot tub leak is finally fixed!  There was a material science issue going on.  When the weather got so cold a few weeks ago, the plastic that the drains were made of contracted causing water to escape.  When the water warmed back up again, the material expanded and the leak stopped.  Our builder ended up replacing both of the hot tub drains so we’re back in business!