Vacation Bible School

The boys had vacation bible school all last week at the church where Cutie Pie has preschool.  They had so much fun!  The theme was PandaMania and the many volunteers who helped  out made this VBS at truly special event.  From music CDs to t-shirts to crafts to photos with a guy in a panda suit to waterslides- it was an awesome week!  The boys are disappointed that it is over.

I really loved the colorful paper lanterns that were strung up in the sanctuary.

The program on Friday was really cute.  The children sang lots of songs that they learned from the week.  All 240 students were on stage at one time!  I completely lost Wildman in the crowd when he sat down…

But I had a pretty great view of these two!  LOL!  I love it!


Another Blast Indeed

My friend, B, was the craft lady at her church’s 2010 VBS.  This year’s theme was Baobab Blast.  B was in charge of coming up with all sorts of African-themed craft projects for the children.  She did a great job with her tin can elephants, giraffe masks, monkey picture frames and paper bag trees!  She signed Wildman, T-bone and her kids up for the fun.  Wildman had such a great time.  He’d come home each day to tell me the new bible verse he learned.

Last Friday was the VBS finale music show.  My mom was able to join me and Cutie Pie for the program.  It was adorable!  Wildman did all of the hand signs and knew all of the words to the songs.

B’s church is so tiny and wonderful.  You can read the story of how it was relocated from Fort Pierce to Satellite Beach here.

Galactic Blast

Wildman participated in Vacation Bible School at the church where he went to preschool.  Can you see him with his mouth wide open in the front row?  He was at the church every morning from 9-noon eating healthy space-themed snacks like Pop Rocks on green sherbet…  I joke about it because the preschool is super concerned with providing the healthiest of snacks to the children.  The VBS staff?  Not so much…  The more sugar the better.  The kids, of course, love it!

The church volunteers go all out to make the VBS experience as amazing as possible.  This year was no exception with the Galactic Blast theme.  The highlight of the finale program was the “lift off” of a huge model rocket.  It didn’t really leave the stage but it was impressive nonetheless with blinking lights and smoke.

I was happy to see that Wildman had such a great time.  He did all of the choreography for all of the songs in the program.  He even insisted on giving me a preview in our living room earlier in the week.  We cranked the Galactic Blast CD up and rocked out 🙂

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