Party at my Crib: 7AM

This is one of those mornings that I long for my children to be lazy teenagers who sleep in till noon… I was up late last night working on a handmade Christmas present. I should know better, I really should. But I can’t help myself. I am a night owl by nature. Going to bed early is next to impossible for me. I come alive after 7 PM. Wildman, on the other hand, comes alive at 7 AM. Not a good combo. Wildman has some kind of rooster genes or something. He’s up and crowing at first light. No matter how late he goes to bed, he rises with the sun. Sleeping in is not something he does.

So, J and A were nestled all snug in their bed at 7 AM this morning. Only to be awoken by a *open door*, *slam*, *pitter patter*, *open door*, and *slam*. I knew only too well what was going on… Wildman got up at first light, as usual. Instead of coming to get J and I, he decided to wake up Cutie Pie and party like it was 1999. This would have been fine if they played quietly for 2 hours. However, 10 minutes after Wildman went into the nursery, Cutie Pie started wailing. The crying was intermittent. I prayed they’d find a happy equilibrium and just play quietly. Alas, no. Cutie Pie’s hunger got the best of him. He sold Wildman out by letting loose the cries of fury. I could lay there in my cozy bed no longer. With a groan, I hauled myself out of bed.

When I went into Cutie Pie’s nursery, all the lights were blazing and the ceiling fan was on. Every toy that Wildman could get to and lift was dumped into the crib. Ugh! What a way for Cutie Pie to wake up! Big brother turns all the lights and the fan on and dumps every toy he can get his paws on onto him… Here’s what the crib looked like after extracting the boys:

It’s hard to believe but the two boys actually fit in there!

Wildman’s playdate is coming over in half an hour and I’m not dressed yet. Gotta run!