We Made a Bike Wash!

Last week I sent J a link for how to make a bike wash thinking that it would be a super fun thing for the boys to enjoy.  Last weekend he made it a reality!

For two afternoons, the bike was was in action.  The kids had a blast zipping up and down the sidewalk going through the sprayers, sponges and streamers.  All of the PVC came from Lowe’s.  I found the colorful sponges at Walmart in the automotive department.  The blue fringe was a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store that I cut up.  The short green fringe was a luau decoration also from the dollar store.  The pool noodles are dollar store purchases as well.  I didn’t tally everything up but I’m pretty sure all of the supplies were less than $50.

I blew bubbles and shot shaving cream at the kids as they went by.  Of course ice pops were distributed as well 🙂

One of our neighbors even brought his bikes down for a washing.  He gave each of the boys a dollar for letting him use the bike wash.  It was so cute!  They boys were thrilled!

Heck, even I gave it a try!


Beachy Sandy Fishy

We rounded out our Spring Break with some much needed beach time!  J arrived home from DC on Friday evening just in time to enjoy the gorgeous sunny weather.  After a week of violent storms (for us) and snow (for him), this outdoor time was perfect.

I did a lot of sunning myself (with plenty of SPF, of course)!  I managed to finish The Paris Wife and start Water for Elephants while lounging around on my beach blanket.  I enjoyed the first novel very much.  Ernest Hemingway is a fascinating character.  Larger than life, really.  I liked this glimpse into his early years with his first wife.  It’s historical fiction so I’m sure not everything in the novel happened exactly the way it was portrayed.  But I enjoy imagining Ernest as a young, tortured, brilliant, ego-centric young man.  I’m only 25 pages into the second novel but I’m already hooked.  I always imagine my great-grandfather when I read stories about the Great Depression.  So, I’m totally connected to this story right away 🙂

For three days the beach fishing went off!  T-bone caught everything from a bonnet head shark to a stingray to a whole bunch of whiting!  I caught a teeny whiting and an itty-bitty pilchard…  T-bone is definitely shaping up to be quite a fisherman!

J entertained himself with a bit of SUK-ing (Stand Up Kayaking).  It’s not a real sport but it’s his take on SUP-ing (Stand Up Paddle Surfing).  It was entertaining to watch him catch and ride the small waves to shore.

Each afternoon we’d return home sandy, soggy and exhausted.  A jump in the refreshing pool helped everyone to clean off and perk up again.  It feels like summer is here already!

Summer Activities Continue

As a Floridians, we have four seasons too: hurricane season, love bug  season, tourist season and summer.  Summer activities pretty much go on all year long.  Last Saturday was no exception.

Big Red asked me to watch his kids for a couple of hours while he worked on a proposal for work.  In true Big Red fashion, he didn’t begin work on the proposal until day it was due…  Since the weather was sunny and in the mid-80s, I decided to break out the Slip ‘n Slide and whip up a batch of homemade play dough.

I love that we’re not cooped up in the house.  Sure, I’d love to sip some hot cocoa by a cozy fire but that is just not how we roll here.  We embrace the chance to run around in our swim suits all day long in October!  And with four active boys at our house, that’s just what the doctor ordered for my sanity!!!  😉

Hooray for Warm Weather

This is what the boys did after lunch on Saturday afternoon.

I ate my lunch poolside and watched them goof off.

J was busy running wire for our new landscape lights.

A handyman’s job is never done…

Transferring Water

Cutie Pie and I did another fun proprioceptive activity this morning: transferring water.

I found two bowls of the same size and filled one up with water.  The other bowl I left empty.  There were two tools, a baster and a sponge, for Cutie Pie to use for transferring the water.  He wanted to try the baster first.

He loved squeezing bulb but he didn’t quite get the hang of filling the baster.  I had to help him with filling and he did the squeezing into the empty bowl.

For round two, we used the sponge.  He got the hang of using the sponge right away and found that the sponge could move much more water than the baster.

Cutie Pie transferred the water in no time at all!

He did this activity over and over again.  Cutie Pie all about any kind of water play so this was right up his alley.

Can you tell what we were doing before transferring water?  He got a little carried away.

Fun With Ice

The boys were bored last Sunday as I knew they would be.  You see, we’ve (meaning J has) been doing a bunch of home improvement projects in association with the pool.  The kids have been stuck at home most Saturdays and Sundays “helping Dad”.  Dad was getting frustrated with his tools mysteriously walking off, kids getting into trouble, etc.

Earlier last week I’d been checking out different blogs for fun activities to do with the boys to help fight the boredom and save J’s sanity.  Melissa from Chasing Cheerios had one especially fun idea that I thought my boys would love.  So, earlier in the week I’d gone around the house collecting a bunch of little treasures to freeze.  I collected things like snowflake erasers, rubber bands, pennies, toy cars, zipper pulls, etc.  I filled up the compartments of our silicone muffin pan with the treasures, topped them off with water and stuck the pan in the freezer for emergency fun.

Last Sunday required emergency fun.  I was busy tackling a mountain of laundry and J was busy with jacketing and burying a phone line in the backyard.  The boys were driving us both nuts with the whining and complaining and fighting that comes from sheer boredom.

I collected a bunch of “tools” to help in the search and recovery of the tiny treasures that I’d captured in six small icebergs.  Tool like two kid-safe knives, a couple of spray bottles of water, a wooden mallet and a plastic play dough saw thingy.  The boys were so excited to experiment with the different tools to try to free the items in the icebergs.  It was a great way to keep them occupied for at least half an hour.

As you would expect with two boys, some of the ice was eaten and the spray bottles soon became water guns 🙂  It was a hot day that required some nice, cool fun and this activity fit the bill.  We’ll be doing this again very soon.

I Know It’s a Tad Early…

Garden Sign

Garden Sign

I couldn’t resist busting out the Halloween decorations today when Cutie Pie and I got back from Toddler Time at the library.  I realize that it’s mid- September and 90+ degrees outside.  It doesn’t exactly feel autumnal around here.  It never does.  We only have two seasons: Summer and a cooler version of Summer.  I love, love, love Halloween so I figured why not enjoy the decor a few weeks early.  The boys went bananas over all of the boxes that were extracted from the attic.  They “helped” me plant the garden stakes in the mulch, place the three tin pumpkins on the front porch, haul all of the home decor inside, and hang the Halloween flag on the house.

The boys worked up a sweat with all the Halloween decorating this morning so I let them fill up the water table and frog pool on the back porch.  They cooled off in the shade with some water fun while I made lunch.

It’s been a fun day so far!