I Know It’s a Tad Early…

Garden Sign

Garden Sign

I couldn’t resist busting out the Halloween decorations today when Cutie Pie and I got back from Toddler Time at the library.  I realize that it’s mid- September and 90+ degrees outside.  It doesn’t exactly feel autumnal around here.  It never does.  We only have two seasons: Summer and a cooler version of Summer.  I love, love, love Halloween so I figured why not enjoy the decor a few weeks early.  The boys went bananas over all of the boxes that were extracted from the attic.  They “helped” me plant the garden stakes in the mulch, place the three tin pumpkins on the front porch, haul all of the home decor inside, and hang the Halloween flag on the house.

The boys worked up a sweat with all the Halloween decorating this morning so I let them fill up the water table and frog pool on the back porch.  They cooled off in the shade with some water fun while I made lunch.

It’s been a fun day so far!


Water Fun

What do we do on a blustery, rainy Sunday afternoon? We fill up the water table and go to town!

This was Cutie Pie’s first water table experience. Obviously, he loved it! Good thing it was 80 degrees outside 🙂