Photowalk in Our ‘Hood

Inspired by Bethany’s photowalks and not wanting to disturb J’s work-from-home session, I set out with my camera on Monday morning for a little adventure around our neighborhood.  The boys were at preschool so I had plenty of time to meander around and take in the sights.  The route I chose is the one we normally follow when we walk up to the beach from our house.  It probably was not the best morning to take photos because the sky was so overcast.  Oh, well.  I still like how the shots came out.  So, sit back, relax and enjoy a peek into some of the things that you might see if you were here.

Our neighbors a few houses down from us recently pressure washed their driveway and sidewalk.  I liked the swirly pattern of clean and dirty concrete that the pressure washer left at the property line.

Right around the corner is one of the tackiest mailboxes I’ve ever seen…  You open the flamingo’s butt to retrieve the mail!  Ugh!  Such a Florida thing too.  The flamingo butt house is for sale.  I told Steph that she should consider looking into this one as well.

I found this poor crispy Christmas tree piled in the back of a pickup truck along with some other miscellaneous trash.  Apparently somebody is planning a trip to the dump.  I thought it was odd that people would keep a live tree until the end of February until I saw this a few doors down:

Yes, that is an artificial Christmas tree casually propped up against the croton like it belongs there or something…  I probably would have never noticed either of the post-Valentine’s Day Christmas trees had I not been on this walk.  Such a trip does wonders for amplifying one’s observation skills.

Did you catch the cool retro tile on the porch next to the fake tree?  I certainly did.  I love it!  It reminds me of the funky tiled columns from my high school.

One of the great things about living in a coastal community is the variety of house colors that you come across.  We have a regular ROY G. BIV collection going on in a one-mile radius of our home!

The same thing goes for the plants and flowers.  Even though most plant life around here is still looks pretty ravaged by the harsh winter we’ve experience, you can still see signs of spring struggling to make an appearance.  The bottom right photo is of the pink geranium on our front porch.  I received that plant several Mother’s Days ago and it has managed to survive my black thumb.  I just love how vibrant and low maintenance it is!

The main street to the beach has a large drainage ditch that runs down the middle of it.  Every so often you’ll see a little wooden bridge that connects one side of the street to the other.  Sure, there are sections of asphalt for cars to access each side of the road but I love these charming little pedestrian bridges.  In the evenings you’ll see little kids trying to catch minnows from them or neighbors crossing over to say hello to one another.

It has been a pleasure to watch this little house evolve from a rundown shack to a gorgeous home.  Every time I pass by this house I admire how adorable it is.  Whoever lives there must love it too because it shows.

When I finally arrived at the beach access, I was greeted by the rules…

Like I said, it was a pretty overcast day but it was warm.  So warm!  Finally!

This guy with his metal detector is a common sight along our beaches.  Hope he found something good.

I didn’t stay at the beach long.  I wanted to get back to tackle the laundry and dishes that were waiting for me.  I snapped a quick shot of the new beach access sign that the city recently put up while I waited to cross A1A.  Isn’t it cool?

J and I always comment on this section of sidewalk.  We call them kitty prints but more likely they are dog prints that have been preserved in the cement.  I like imagining some cat out for a stroll who found a nasty surprise when she stepped on the wet concrete.  Images of a cat shaking all four paws cracks me up every time.

Speaking of cats, I saw a couple on my return trip.

I really liked how vibrant the two lemons looked at the tippy top of that scraggly tree.

Our neighbors a few houses down and across the street have this awesome sun wall plaque.  I admire it all the time.  They tell me that they were inspired by our school of fish…  I like that.

This concluded my Monday morning photowalk.  Hope you enjoyed the ride!