Star Wars Craft/Cooking Class

They had us at Yoda Soda…

It sounded like a fun recipe for the boys to make!  I signed them up for the two-day Star Wars Craft/Cooking class when I saw it advertised in our city’s summer activities brochure.  It was one of the few classes offered that Wildman and Cutie Pie could do together and Wildman is a Star Wars fanatic these days.  So, it sounded perfect!

I was a little disappointed with the class setup, however.  Instead of doing a craft and cooking each day, it was set up so that Tuesday was the craft portion and Thursday was the cooking portion.  The boys were sad that they didn’t get to cook on the first day.

They rushed through painting their plaster Vader figurines then anxiously awaited the cooking part that never came.  The instructor did not explain how the class was structured.  After 10 minutes of waiting for the next activity we finally realized that we were done for the day.  It would have been nice to do multiple crafts because my boys were done with their figurines after about 15-minutes and the class was supposed to last for an hour.

Thursday brought the second class meeting where the children were asked to create Star Wars characters out of icing on cupcakes…  My boys don’t quite have the fine motor and artistic skills to accomplish such a feat yet so I let them just go nuts with all of the colors.

Can you say SUGAR HIGH?!

After the boys scarfed up their cupcake creations it was time to make the Yoda Soda.

This was the highlight of the entire class!  My boys were in the group responsible for pouring the lemon-lime soda into the fountain.  I have to admit that the instructor did a great job decorating the fountain.  All of the children loved seeing the Star Wars characters on display.

While the class was not exactly what I had expected and not really worth the money I paid, the boys did have a fun time.  And that’s all that really matters, right?!

Ironically, after I signed the boys up for the Star Wars class I received a Williams-Sonoma catalog in the mail with these awesome Star Wars pancake molds advertised.  I knew Wildman and Cutie Pie would get a kick out of them so I ordered a set.  They arrived last week!  We tried them out last weekend.  The boys report that my pancakes taste much better in the shapes of Star Wars characters…

I am also thinking of ordering this cookbook.  We saw it in the gift shop at the Air and Space Museum but it was super expensive.  I thought maybe I could find it cheaper online.  I was right.

Looks like it’s shaping up to be a Star Wars summer!