Zumba in the Park

Steph and I participated in a Zumba in the Park event on Saturday to raise money for a great cause!  Yes, I donned my hot pink hair extension.  Since we were doing the kids portion of the program it only seemed fitting to have pink hair.

We had a great turn out and terrific sunny weather.  It was a perfect day for outdoor Zumba!

The two ladies on the left coordinated the event.  They did a wonderful job.  I was honored that they asked me to participate!


Our Own Zumba in the Park

Last week we had a conflict with our Wednesday night Zumba class.  The room we’ve been using was double booked.  Instead of canceling our class or asking the other meeting to be moved, Steph and I decided to take our event outside.  The recreation center where we normally have class is surrounded by a large, gorgeous park.  The park features a pond with an observation pier.  The end of the pier opens up to a large area that is about the size of our meeting room and it has power.  It was a perfect spot for us to hold our class!

The weather was perfect too!  It was touch-and-go all afternoon but started clearing around 4 PM.  By class time at 6:15 PM, it was sunny and breezy.  We bought colorful balloons and a hung our Zumba banner from the railing.  It looked like a party out there, for sure 🙂

We had a nice turnout for the class.  Needless to say, we got all sorts of curious people checking us out.  I’m sure it was quite a spectacle for those who usually enjoy a leisurely evening stroll in the park!  We even had one guy openly stare at us at the end of the pier for half of the class.  Ha!

If you want to see our next endeavor, check out this link.  Downtown Yoga wants to diversify their class offering by adding Zumba to their schedule.  The Zumba button at the bottom of the homepage is us!

Zumba in the Park

Nothing like posting 3 times in one night!   I have to catch up and I probably won’t have much time next week.

A friend (the second one from the left in the above photo) invited Steph and me to attend the first annual Zumba in the Park fundraiser for Operation NOW (Not on Our Watch).  The money raised will be used to help prevent teen deaths due to distracted driving.  We paid $25 for an afternoon of zumba-ing in the great outdoors with some of the most talented master instructors out there.  And the money went to such a great cause.  How could I not participate?!

We got to meet Erick Santana.  He’s kind of a big deal in the Zumba world.  He leads a bunch of training courses and is featured in many of the Zumba DVDs out there.  To say that he is expressive is an understatement…

The weather was cloudy, windy and rainy.  Thank goodness for that!  We danced for over 2 hours straight.  If it were any hotter out there I probably would have passed out.

Steph ended up borrowing my Zumba clothes and, wouldn’t you know it, her Zubma clothing twin stood right beside her 🙂

Our friend even got called up on stage to do a hip-hop number with Jenny, a master instructor.

It was a great day!  I’m sure that I probably burned over 1,000 calories this afternoon.  I’ll probably be really sore tomorrow too.  But it was so worth it!