Pumpkin Carving

When I asked Wildman what kind of face he wanted carved into the pumpkin on the afternoon of Halloween (nothing like waiting to the last minute), he said SHY!!!  I had no clue how to draw, much less carve, a shy face…  Luckily, Wildman’s preschool teacher sent home a nifty little coloring book detailing all sorts of pumpkin-y expressions.  Score!

I got to work creating a lid and scooping out the insides.

The boys found it fascinating.

Even Big Red stopped by to see what all the excitement was about.  He apparently got inspired because he hurried home and later 2 jack-o-lanterns showed up on his front porch.  Can you tell he likes to one-up us?

When J got home from surfing I put him to work creating the shy face.  I’d done my share with the cutting and the scooping and the cleaning.

Precision cutting…

Not too shabby!

Did everyone remember to “fall back”?  I don’t like it getting dark so darn early but it’s great for getting the kids in bed on time!!!


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