October is Fire Safety Month- Time for a Field Trip!

The 4- and 5-year-olds at Wildman’s preschool took a trip to the local fire station and police station last Thursday.  Since Cutie Pie didn’t have school that day, he got to go along too.  We walked many, many block in sweltering 90-degree heat to get to our destination.  Gotta love record breaking heat.

It turns out the fire fighters have a sense of humor…

The children enjoyed touring the fire station.  They got to check out the conference room, the dispatch center, the bedrooms and the garage.  The garage housed not only the fire engines but also the fire boat and the fire jet ski!

After our fire station tour, we crossed the street to the police station.  The preschool director’s husband is a police officer there so we were treated to a special tour courtesy of Officer Ryan.  He took us into the 911 call center where he placed a call to the operator so the children could experience what it would sound like if they ever had to call 911.

Then he locked up the teachers in the facility’s one cell.  Very Mayberry.

We headed outside to check out a real police car.  Hopefully this is not foreshadowing.

By the end of the tour Cutie Pie wanted to go home.  This self-portrait cracks me up.

When we got home that afternoon, and for subsequent days thereafter, Wildman and Cutie Pie wanted to play fire fighter and police man.  Luckily, they have the costumes in their dress-up clothes box!


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